Why choose ANT Industrial as the your preferred fastener supplier in Malaysia

ANT Industrial Screw Manufacturer Malaysia

People who are looking for fastener supplier in Malaysia may be as overwhelmed as we are by the sheer volume of fasteners, fastening systems, and other fastening materials available. It’s a difficult task to narrow down your search for a few materials that will work best for your project.

We supply and distribute standard and special fasteners in various materials meeting international standards compliance. Common fasteners are: screws, bolts, nuts, washers, wing nuts, and nails. Our most popular fasteners are screws, bolts, and other hardened steel fasteners. We do not sell nails or staples.

Due to the variety of materials and applications for this industry, we have compiled a large assortment of the most commonly used fasteners. Fasteners are used in many of the applications we use today like our smartphones, computer monitors, laptops, and more. A lot of people think that the only way to secure something is with screws or bolts. However, a fastener can be a little more flexible than just a bolt or screw. The fasteners that are used in manufacturing today are made of tamper-resistant materials. They can be used to attach items to each other, or applied as a fastening system for items that require a lot of force and rigidity. Our fasteners are made from solid, high-grade, heat treated alloy steel. These fasteners are designed to prevent tampering by providing a high resistance to the insertion of any foreign object. Tamper Proof Fasteners are available in 3” or 4” diameter.

Our Tamper Resistant Fasteners (TRF) has been developed to prevent and hinder the possibility of interference as they require special drivers or tools to install and remove. TRF screws are difficult to remove without using a special tool. TRF screws are difficult to remove without using a special tool. They are also great for DIY projects and anything where you need some quick, easy, and quality fasteners. TRF screws are better than other fasteners because they are resistant to tampering with a standard screwdriver. This means you can securely and easily mount your project by using TRF screws.

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