ANT Slim Features

  • The head part is nearly flat. Innovative space saving screw.
  • Incomplete threaded part is very short which enables you to make stable fastening on thin plate.
  • Very lightweight Aluminum Slim Head Screws and Colored Aluminum Slim Head Screw are also in stock.
  • An emerging industry trend is the use of ANT Slim Head Screw as robot screws, or screws for robotics, to save space and weight.
  • Another example would be to use these screws as drone screws, screws for drones, or drone propeller screws for a lighter and more efficient flight experience.
Slim Head Screw Manufacturer Malaysia

ANT Slim 6-Lobe Recess

Slim Head Steel 3Cr(5μ)

Slim Head Steel , Ni

Slim Head Steel , BNi

Slim Head Stainless A2

Slim Head Aluminum

Slim Head -SAI- Aluminum,Black

Slim Head -SAI-

Slim Head -SAI-

Slim Head -SAI-

Slim Head -SAI-

ANT Slim QuaStix

  • No CAM-Out
  • Good Torque Transmission
  • Good Fit for the Bit
  • Fit with Usual Bit
ANT Slim QuaStix Screw

Qua,Slim Head
Stainless A2

Qua,Slim Head
Steel 3Cr(5μ)

Qua,Slim Head
Steel 3Cr Black(5μ)

ANT Slim in the real world

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